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Welcome to Pfränger butcher techniques


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Firma Pfränger, Fleischereitechnik, Ebelsbach, Germany

The company Pfränger butcher techniques is well known in the industrial sector of butcher machines and food industry due to decades of quality and competence far beyond the country’s borders.

Our customers come from all over the world – from Africa to Europe and Amerika and even from Australia.

Our core business is trading with used and new machines for the meat-processing industry and the perfect refurbishment of used machines.

Our product range covers used as well as new machines from well known manufacturers of the following categories:
• filling machines   50 - 300 liters
• meat cutters              60 - 750 liters
• grinders              114 - 400 mm
• injectors and tumblers
• frozen meat cutters
• mixers
• and many other machines for meat processing

Good quality is irreplaceable

This is also valid for refurbished machines – Our name, built up over several decades, stands for high-quality. It’s a synonym for reliability and trust.

Werkstatt Firma Pfränger Ebelsbach, GermanyThe core of our business philosophy is our well appointed workshop, where our used machines become thoroughly professionally refurbished. So they are applicable for a new, reliable and long living use.

A refurbished machine „from Pfränger“ is well known since decades and always a good choice.

Some examples of our refurbishments can be seen in our „Credentials“.



Pfränger Fleischereitechnik, Stettfelder Strasse 38, 97500 Ebelsbach, Telefon: 0 95 22 - 17 58

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